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Hammy Features

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Multichannel Customer Communication

Hammy is a customer communication system that can use multiple channels from email to regular letters to cover all your communication needs.

In case of a failed delivery, it emphasizes a cost effective chain to reach your customers through these various channels. For example, if you send an electronic document by e-mail and your customer doesn’t open it for 7 days, Hammy can automatically warn him/her via SMS message. If the customer doesn’t open the e-mail despite the warning, Hammy can automatically initiate a postal letter with the related document.

The whole lifecycle of individual message flows is tracked in detailed level, so you can be sure, your message has been delivered.

Full automation, excellent performance

Besides the truly high performance Hammy provides full automation.

You can use Hammy to increase your sales potential and engage in electronic direct marketing campaigns where you can rely on the highly automated features and you have full control of your campaigns by using predefined email cycles for the logging of follow-up events, such as message openings, clicks, unsubscribes which are facilitated by Hammy.

Messages in Hammy are created in an HTML editing interface using templates which can be customized according to your branding and personalized with custom fields. All mails are tested in multiple browsers and email clients prior to delivery for increased customer satisfaction.

All legal regulations fulfilled

Hammy is fully in line with GDPR, European Union and national legislation.

Hammy is fully in line with the strict GDPR regulations when it comes to the handling of your recipient’s data and all of the sent messages are digitally signed and have time stamps so that they count as legally binding according to EU jurisdiction.
All documents are either attached in an encrypted pdf format or can be accessed through a portal after authentication.
Message tracking is approved by Financial Supervisory Authority.

08.04.2022. 11AM | Porosz Péter

Insurance Ecosystems: an intriguing speech under an abstract title

Mr. Sándor Székely, managing director of DBX used imaginary from Middle Earth (i.e. The Lord Of The Rings universe) at the Portfolio Insurance 2022 conference, to shed light on the future of the insurance industry.

18.11.2021. 4PM | Porosz Péter

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - presented at the annual conference the Association of Hungarian Insurance Companies

The Association of Hungarian Insurance Companies held its 11th annual international conference on November 4th 2021 in Budapest. The leading theme of the event was Future-Proof Insurance. Speakers shed light onto some of the most intriguing trends in this domain. DBX is a long standing parner of the Associations and also the largest local IT knowledge center in the field. CEO Sándor Székely Sándor talked about The Good, the Bad and the Ugly among the IT trends that the industry has to cope with.

10.06.2021. 10AM | Porosz Péter

Remaining Personal During Digitalisation

What experiences have business professional gathered when they found themselves in a customer role? Is customer service truly the in center of the insurance practice? Are the boundaires of digital and personal meetings really clear? What is the scope of competence of artifical intelligence? Is there such a thing as insurance without human contact?

On May 19th we have held a roundtable with more than 100 people attending in the audience, titled "Remaining Personal During Digitalisation".

Enterprise-level Document Storage


Document delivery is only half of the picture. Document storage, retrieval and sophisticated searching are also vital to success.

Hammy’s document management subsystem provides enterprise-level document storage and search functionality. Built-in versioning and relation management make it easy to find both the email and its attached document within one query. A hierarchical authentication is also available through flexible authentication methods. Smooth integration to your software environment is ensured by use of industry standard interfaces.


Hammy works with market leader application servers, databases and message queues.

Application Servers

  • IBM Websphere
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Glassfish
  • Jboss
  • + Standalone application is also available
  • Databases

  • Oracle
  • MS-SQL
  • IBM DB2
  • PostgreSQL
  • Message Queues

  • IBM Websphere MQ
  • ActiveMQ
  • RabbitMQ
  • + Works with any JMS/AMQP capable implementation
  • Statistics

    1,000,000,000 +

    delivered mail

    1,000,000 +

    sent email per hour


    successful delivery

    2,000 +

    email template


    Besides our satisfied customers we strongly recommend Hammy for financial companies, insurances, public services, telecommunication industry and any company with a large customer base. Try Hammy, get your free demo!

    Customer Voices

    "Our successful cooperation goes back a long time. Our partnership is characterized by mutual trust and always smooth joint work. We are grateful that we can be partners in spreading the news of the Hungarian Red Cross to as many people as possible."

    Dr. Ágnes Barta

    Head of Communication Department, Hungarian Red Cross

    "We have had a successful and forward-looking partnership with DBX Ltd since 2021. In our B2B processes, we make extensive use of the opportunities provided by Hammy Direct by sending out our emails in this way for both of our brands (e.g. monthly newsletters and staff gift package notifications purchased by our business and HR clients), and this software also provides us with detailed dispatch statistics. DBX employees help our work not only by operating Hammy Direct, but also by putting the letters and processes we have designed into concrete form. The Hammy Direct omnichannel communication software and the connected DBX service guarantee that our messages always reach the recipients accurately and on time."

    Balázs Pál

    Owner, Feldobox


    Hammy is developed in Hungary by the team of DBX.


    production | 1.5.8